Thursday, September 3, 2015

God Made Girls

There is never a dull moment at our house these days, or a quiet one. People tell me all the time how easy I must have it with three girls, because surely they can't be as rowdy or wild as boys. Really? Because just as I snuggle up on the couch to nurse Claire this morning, I hear Harper scream bloody murder, only to jump up in time to see Eloise about to eat a live DRAGONFLY. 
The perks of living in the woods.

Harper & Eloise got in their very first slapping-hair-pulling-fist-fight the other day. Like most kids, they always want what the other has, and when that one thing just happens to be a chair, things might get a little rough. Right when Harper sat down in it, she knew Eloise would want it so she started taunting her about how they were going to take turns, and how it was her turn first, and she would let her know when she was done sitting. Which was never, probably. Eloise decided her time was up, walked up to the back of it and dumped Harper out of the chair. Cue the pushing, hitting & eventually hair pulling, which left my jaw on the ground. I sent them both to time out (is this even real life?) & went straight into the kitchen to laugh. I couldn't believe my two sweet girls were pulling each others hair already. God help me for the next 16 years.

Harper is our little drama mama. I say this because 1. Drama. And 2. She is such a sweet, caring little mama herself. She wants to take care of everyone & help with everything, she is so intuitive about everyone's feelings. But also number one. Drama. Soooo much drama from this little threenager.
Melting drippy, messy ice cream? She will have none of it. Can't find her shoes or get her carseat buckled? Meltdown. The other day, she poked the roof of her mouth with a straw and it was the end. of. the. world. Harper walked around the house all afternoon crying "my poor poke.... my poor poke... I just can't do anything..." Drama mama.

We call Eloise the wrecking ball. She is really the sweetest little thing, I mean so sweet that you can't stay mad at her for more than two entire seconds, and it is impossible to discipline her without turning your head to laugh at whatever ridiculous crime she has committed.  A perfect example of Eloise's personality: She & Harper are eating their chic-fil-a outside at our playtable and Harper leaves for a second to go to the bathroom. Eloise swipes Harper's lemonade, looks at me and grins, walks it all the way to the bathroom to give Harper a drink (sweetest kid ever) then on her way back? Takes a giant bite out of the side of the styrofoam cup, tosses it into the toy basket & then starts giggling. She is so ornery & stomps around the house wreaking havoc one room at a time. Eating chapstick, crayons & every last crumb left on our floor.

And then there's miss Claire.  I'm not sure we know her itty bitty baby personality yet, already we see lots of both of her sisters in her, but know (and love) that she will become her own little person.

So, my girls, they may not be as wild as boys, but maybe they're wilder? They're crazy sweet, and full of sass. And sometimes a pain in my...

But I love them so!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello, September!

A few reasons why I woke up smiling today, aside from the fact that it is September and that means Fall starts this month. One. Claire is two months old today! She is smiling & talking baby talk, and her little chubby cheeks are cuter than ever. We just adore her so much! Happy two month birthday little Claire Berry Pie!!

  Two. College football! We are so excited for the three day weekend ahead of us & can't wait to kick off football season! We are going to celebrate my dad's birthday Saturday & have some friends and family over to watch football and eat tons of good food. I am also especially excited for football gear this year, if you follow us on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you may have seen a sneak peek of these hand-lettered football shirts in collaboration with my friend Katie's shop, they are available now for purchase here and 15% off with coupon code gamedaydeal. I had to put them on the girls as soon as they came, they are super soft and come in adult, kids & baby sizes. And grey makes them universal for accessorizing with any of your favorite team colors!!  

It was a chic-fil-a on the porch kind of afternoon! ;) I love how Harper chose to accessorize her shirt, always a tulle skirt & glitter!

And three. Some super exciting, and also bittersweet news over here today, we are putting our house on the market! 
That's right, we are moving. We have decided that although we love our house soooo much, we really need a yard for the kids & a little more space. We want to be able to have grass, a place for a swing set & kiddie pool, space for the girls to run & play. Our backyard is beautiful, for adults, we love it & spend so much time out there. But because of the shade from the 60+ pine trees, we cannot grow grass, and the yard is such a steep hill that it requires a retaining wall (the ivy) for drainage, so it is not kid friendly at all. We are sad, but also super excited to see where this adventure may lead us. We have a few options on the table, including new construction which would be really fun. We have met with a few builders, gone over floorplans & lots, and have also checked out quite a few other homes for sale in our area. There are pros & cons to both building and buying, so we are just going to continue checking out our options & see what happens!! I will share more later this week! :)

So I wish you all a happy September first, here's to finding lots of things to be happy about today! XO

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, all three kids are napping (#lifegoals) & this is happening.

We had a relatively exciting week over here, the girls got a new whip (hand me down barbie jeep) from our neighbor, so they have been loving life riding it all over the neighborhood every night. Thank the good Lord for this beautiful weather!! We had a few fun play dates with friends and Brandon & I got to have a night out this week to see one of our favorite bands from college, O.A.R. which was so much fun. Giant concert beers were not good to me, however, and I learned a very valuable lesson as I drowned in kids and coffee on Wednesday. Parenting three kids? Not so bad as long as you aren't hungover.

Chambray Romper // Wedges

We are taking the girls to the aquarium this weekend since it is supposed to storm, hoping they will have a ton of fun & we will not be a complete circus the entire time! ;)

Time for some Friday favorites! These gold bunny ballet flats are the cutest shoes ever, although they would be adorable all year round, I had to get a pair to save for Claire's first Easter. (Yes, holidays on the mind, all the time.) Also, if you loved the cat flats from yesterday's post, I just came across this equally cute, but much more affordable pair here!

Love this super easy, kid friendly zucchini pizza recipe, we tried it this week & it was SO GOOD.

How fun are these baby age blocks? It's so easy to take weekly/monthly photos of your babies while they're little but as soon as they're crawling, it is near impossible. These are perfect because they could hold them as they grow!

All of these festive headbands & clips are making me very excited for Fall!

And last but not least, if you haven't seen this hilarious parody "I wanna go to Chic Fil A" here is your Friday laugh! If you're a mom, please tell me you can totally relate!!! ;)
Have the best weekend, friends!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mini Style: Little Black Cat

I really can't believe next week is already September, this summer flew by faster than ever! Fall is of course my favorite season, but I look forward to it even more now because cooler weather will make it so much easier to take all three girls out of the house. I have made very few outings by myself with them (including hauling them ALL to the chiropractor with me this week, bravery my friends) but nothing will stop us from hitting the park & outdoor mall once 70 degree temps roll in! ;)

In the meantime, I am loving all of the Fall & Halloween stuff popping up, and little black cats get me every time! Rounding up a few of my favorites today & hoping this stirs a little excitement in your Halloween loving hearts!

 Hooded Kitten Cardigan // Dancing Cat Sleep Set // Cat Nightgown // Stripe Footed One Piece // Cat Mary Janes // Sequin Cat Ear Headband // Sequin Cat Pillow

I am just dying over those dancing cat pajamas & nightgown, I so wish they came in adult sizes! Here's a little throwback favorite of Eloise last Fall, so hard to believe how much she has grown!

Enjoy the rest of your week, hope you all are getting a little glimmer of cool weather wherever you are! XO

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Claire's Nursery

I am so excited to finally share some photos of Claire's nursery today! This has been one of my favorite rooms to decorate in our house, I was so excited about some girly pink walls! There was a little bit of mermaid inspiration behind the room design, but I didn't want to go too over the top with it. The room is really small & doesn't get a lot of light, but I love the way it turned out! My favorite things in the room are the art prints & the acrylic house shelf that I have used to display some of the girls' bows & accessories. Eventually, when they are all a little bit bigger, I want to use this on the floor as a little dollhouse! 

One of my original pieces of inspiration for this room was this Be On The Sea Activity Mat, all of the girls love it!! The colors are so pretty in person & all of the little details are adorable. It is Claire's favorite place to do tummy time, and Eloise & Harper's favorite place to leg wrestle. ;)

Hope you've enjoyed the room pictures & may take a little piece of inspiration away from it as well!

Glider discontinued from Babies R Us (similar here & here) // // Pink Tufted Stool c/o Land of Nod 
Teal Herringbone Baskets c/o Land of Nod // Flamingo Plush // Gold Sequin Cloud Pillow // Fabric Ballerina Doll  // Acrylic House Shelf c/o Land of Nod // Glitter Bows // Dresser (antique) // Sequin Hanger // Mermaid Gown // Kiss the Girl Banner // Pretzel Rattle
 Updated to add: Paint color is Wispy Pink by Benjamin Moore & Light Fixture is from Pottery Barn

If I've left anything out, let me know in the comments & I will source it for you! :) A huge thank you to our friends at Land of Nod for teaming up with us on this space, as well as our photographer (and one of my best friends) Ashley Scobey for snapping pics of the room! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Kids is Like...

Six am wake up calls, two cups of coffee, one cup of milk spilled on a princess nightgown, another cup being shot put across the kitchen & endlessly nursing along the way. 

One baby in your arms, another on your hip, and a toddler yelling from the other room, "mooooom, I pooooooped!"
An episode of Mickey, a dance party & quick game of "let's bring every single toy/pillow/blanket/object that isn't nailed down to the entry way so we can build a boat."

Trying to strap a screaming baby into a car seat while one toddler thinks their finger is a pacifier and is shoving it in the baby's mouth, and the other toddler is all "I'm tickling you mama, tickle tickle you!!" with their razor sharp fingernails on the back of your neck.

Shoving an entire piece of room temperature frozen pizza into your mouth all at once because you know it will be a while before you make it back to your plate.

Reasoning with yourself about sweeping the floor because you're already going to have to sweep again after the next meal, only to have your husband chime in with "well do we really need to bathe the kids because they're already going to get dirty again tomorrow." And you're all "amen! high five! messes fo life!" But then you sweep and also bathe the kids.

Books, stories, songs, prayers & state of the union address before everyone is satisfied enough to go to bed.

Approximately seven hundred deep breaths & two glasses of wine. Six little arms to wrap around your neck in hugs, sloppy kisses times three & more snuggles than one can count. Chaos & love to the moon and back.

And I wasn't kidding about building the boat. 
Happy almost Friday! XO

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Newborn Favorites

It feels like I am writing this post for the millionth time. And I'm sure you feel like you're reading it for the millionth time too. But! Baby products are always changing, and getting better & better along the way, so I am sharing just a few things I am loving this time around.

Halo Swivel Bassinet // Knotted Baby Gown // Angelcare Bath Seat

 Having my third c-section, I have learned the hard way about what makes those first few weeks especially tough, and that is the middle of the night feedings that include sitting up, twisting & bending over to pick up your newborn. With a pack-n-play or traditional bassinet/co-sleeper next to the bed, it also involves pushing it out of the way or trying to squeeze around it when getting out of bed. Enter, the Halo Swivel Bassinet. This is a tried & true life saver for the newborn days, with a full 360 degree swivel, a wide base that will easily go underneath your bed so you can pull the bassinet to you & a drop side to pull your baby into bed with you. It also has a night light, a vibration setting & pockets on the ends for diapers & wipes. I am honestly in love with this product & wish that I would have had it for the other two girls. Here's the catch, it is very pricey & is something you may only use for a month or two while your baby is sleeping in your room. I went in on this with a few of my girlfriends who were also having babies this year, so we have split the cost & passed it around to each other as we needed it for the newborn stage, so we each only ended up paying around $50 for something that was really invaluable.
So so so worth it, highly recommended.

The Angelcare bath seat was something I discovered after Eloise was already sitting up in the tub, but I always dreaded bath time because I always felt like I had to hold onto her in any/all bath tubs/seats that she used. And I swear, we have used them all. I used this when I gave my nephew a bath at my brother's house before Claire was born & knew right away that we had to buy one. This seat tops them all, to use from the time your baby is a newborn through the wobbly-slippery-tub-sitting stage. The soft rubbery back keeps them from slipping & the base stays put in the tub. Claire absolutely loves bath time & I am certain it has a lot to do with her being comfortable in this little seat.

4moms sent us their new bounceRoo a few weeks ago & we were so excited to try it out. I swear by bouncers, I think babies are most comfortable & relaxed in them above anything else, between the vibration setting & the way you can bounce them with your foot. This one did not disappoint, and you know I love the modern style & neutral colors. It is lightweight, portable & battery operated so you can move it to any room of the house or take it with you wherever you go.

My favorite muslin blankets, all natural rubber pacifier & the best ever nipple balm are also must-haves for me. And I think we can all agree that the little knotted baby gown is the most adorable thing ever! These are soft, stretchy & super convenient for diaper changes. I also have to mention the noise machine that we love, we have one in each of the girls' rooms for white noise while they sleep, I swear by them, especially in our crazy loud zoo of a house these days! Also, I recently tried the Ollie World Swaddle which officially takes the cake in terms of newborn swaddles, Claire has yet to break out of it when she sleeps at night!! If you have a swaddle ninja, I would highly recommend trying the Ollie!

Hope you find this helpful!! Wishing you all a happy Tuesday & lots of hours of uninterrupted sleep! XO