Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Good Snaps Photography Workshop

I am so excited to share that Good Snaps Workshop is coming to Atlanta in just a few short weeks! I am teaming up with Ashley Scobey, our family photographer & one of my very best friends, for a hands-on workshop for learning how to capture moments in a beautiful, meaningful way. We will cover everything from learning how to use your camera & getting the best shot, to editing your photos & finding your own style. Plus, swag bags that you will not want to miss!! ;)

 The workshop will take place in Alpharetta, GA on Sunday, May 15th. And since there are just a few days left until ticket sales close & only a few seats still available, we wanted to extend a last minute offer, using coupon code "last minute" for $150 off your ticket!
We can't even wait & we sure hope to see you there!! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Playing Dress Up at Rent the Runway

When I was in college, my girlfriends and I always talked about how much fun it would be to be able to rent dresses to wear for special occasions. It always seems like when you have something fun coming up, it's impossible to find the right dress. And of course it never fails to find some sort of sparkly, fancy gown that you fall in love with when you have absolutely no where to wear it. I have always wanted to try Rent the Runway after hearing rave reviews from so many of my girlfriends, and Vegas was the perfect opportunity!! I had originally planned on renting something online, because the reviews of each dress are so in depth & easily give you an idea of how each thing fits. But instead, we accepted the opportunity to come in and visit the store for a styling appointment to try on a bunch of dresses in person instead, so fun!!!

We gave our stylist (Arielle, who was ahhh-mazing!) our sizes, favorite styles, colors, etc. and told her our plans for the night, and she picked out a few looks that she thought we would love. Of course, she hit the nail on the head, and had so many great picks! These were just a few of the styles that we tried on, and as I mentioned in my last post, I picked the lace Cynthia Rowley romper in navy, which I never wanted to take back! Check out the whole rompers & jumpsuits section, there are seriously so many cute options! Can you guess which dresses were our second runners up?

I cannot say enough good things about our experience, the amazing customer service & their super fun selection of dresses. The best part about renting online too, is you can order a backup size for free! We are excited to be teaming up with them for a Mother's Day look for this weekend, and it's not too late for you to snag something fun to wear! I can't wait to share our picks, Harper loved scrolling through dresses with me & helping make the final choice!

You can save $20 off your first rental here, and if you decide to do it or have done, please come back and tell me which outfit you chose!! I would love to hear! :) And a huge thank you to our new friends at Rent the Runway for such a fun experience, we can't wait to rent again!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Viva Las Vegas!

We spent the last few days in Las Vegas with my best friend from high school & her husband celebrating our 30th birthdays. It was my first time in Vegas & definitely lived up to the hype!!

When we got in, we were so tired from the time change & early flight, that the first thing we did, was nap! ;) I'm not even embarrassed to admit it. That evening we went to dinner at Olives, recommended by another friend, and had an amazing view of the Bellagio fountains. The experience was so fun & entertaining, and the food was amazing too!  Friday, we spent the morning checking out the area, grabbed an early lunch & then went to the pool. The pools in Vegas are amazing, and we probably would have spent our entire trip there if it hadn't rained so much. But we did get one day of sunshine & poolside margaritas!! My swimsuit is this ruffle bandeau in stripes from Victoria's Secret, I loved it so much!! In the late afternoon we went to the Stratosphere to get the best view of the strip & go on the rides, which I definitely wouldn't have probably agreed to before those margaritas! ;) Then went out on the strip for dinner & drinks, to round out what felt like a 36 hour long day.

What happens in Vegas... is hangovers.

Saturday we had brunch at the Hash House, and had their famous chicken & waffles, then headed to Fremont Street. I loved this area, it has a totally different vibe than the strip, and has so many charming restaurants & pubs. It rained most of the morning but then cleared up & was the perfect overcast afternoon for walking around. We went to Container Park, which is another super fun spot, did some beer tasting & had lunch in one of the little rooftop cafes. Saturday night, we went to see Eric Church at the Hard Rock, which was INCREDIBLE. I have wanted to see him in concert forever, he is our favorite & we were sooo excited to find out that he was going to be there while we were in town. He puts on such an amazing show, we definitely didn't want it to end!!

We also had the pleasure of visiting the Rent the Runway store at the Cosmopolitan, and spent the morning trying on dresses which was so much fun!! I will share more about our trip there & some of my favorite dresses, but ultimately I chose this Cynthia Rowley romper, I loved the long sleeves & the way it fit. If you're thinking of renting this for an event or a night out, you can get $20 off your first rental, which brings this to only $30! And bonus, it has pockets!! I loved it & would totally rent this again!

Vegas was an amazing time, definitely enough fun to make me realize I can't hang like I used to! ;) At the end of the day, we couldn't be happier to be back home though. A kid free vacation was much needed, but made us feel extra grateful to have our babies to come home to. 
Now just working on my recovery. Wishing you all a happy week ahead! XO

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sweet as Sugar // Mini Style with June & January

Sweet as sugar, baby! We are sharing a few of our favorite styles again with our friends June & January, who are launching their brand new romper play suits today! My girls wear their styles all the time, rompers & black and white stripes forever!!!
Popsicle Coin Purse // Root Beer Floats Tank 

Their new line of playsuits launched today & we can't wait to get our hands on them!! Like our cute babies need to be any sweeter, but their basics pair so well with things like graphic tanks, sunglasses & cute coin purses.

Sending all of our love, and lots of super fun vibes from my birthday weekend in VEGAS!!! Have the best weekend, friends!! XO

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is just around the corner, I'm already looking for a relaxing day with my girls & hopefully a face full of strawberry pancakes and mimosas for breakfast! We are usually pretty casual about Mother's day & Father's day around here, we do small, thoughtful gifts, and try to spend the day all together doing what we love most. I do have lots of special moms in my life, my own, my mother in law, and tons of sweet friends who I always want to celebrate on a special day like this. So putting together a little round up of Mother's Day gift ideas, things that are always on my wishlist, or on my radar for gifting.

Cake Stand // Floral Phone Case // Best Candle Ever
 Mom All Day Tee (15% off with code momallday!)
Watercolor Family Portrait // Brightening Face Mask // Druzy Necklace // Personalized Stationery

In addition, a few more things I think every mom would also really love on Mother's day:
1. No tantrums, no sweeping, & no running out of wine.
2. None of my kids to eat anything they shouldn't, including but not limited to, stale food found on the floor, crayons, chapstick or lady bugs.
3. Everyone to sleep in until at least 7:45 am, maybe 10:15.
4. A pedicure. Or maybe just eleven minutes alone to paint your own nails & let them dry.

5. Did we mention not running out of wine?

Who's with me? :) But really, isn't every day mother's day. Each and every one of those tough, trying moments are followed by sweet kisses & snuggles that you never want to end. And at the end of the day, we should feel like warriors! ;) Cheers to all of you mamas, you are an inspiration to me & as always, I can't thank you enough for reading! XO

Monday, April 25, 2016

Eloise's 2nd Birthday Puppy Party

This weekend was Eloise's 2nd birthday, and per her request & love of puppies, we had a puppy party!!

I have been so excited to plan this party because I just knew she was going to be obsessed with it. And the minute she walked in & saw the big basket of stuffed pups, she yelled "PUP-PUPS!? YAAAY!" The ultimate cutest.

I found this most amazing artwork on Pinterest years ago, and have been in LOVE with it ever since. I always hoped I would find a use for it, and once we decided on a puppy theme, I knew I had to go track it down. The print is by the talented Emily Nelson Art, we had it printed as an oversized poster to use as a backdrop & another smaller size to cut out individual puppy faces for the straws. It was definitely the highlight of the party decor for me, I just love stuff like that! I sent the print over to Glam Fete and had a custom garland made, and loved how it made the colors come to life! The "Adopt a Puppy" garland was a super easy DIY made out of, you guessed it, brown paper bags. :)

I also fell in love with the vintage dalmatian natural rubber baby toys from Oli & Carol, and was so excited to snag five of them for the tabletop. We used one as a cake topper (which Eloise went NUTS for) & set the rest out next to each place setting, which was made up of cute kraft paper plates & polka dotted "puppy bowls" that the kids ate cake & ice cream out of. We also had a hot dog bar, with extra ketchup of course, Eloise's favorite! ;)

The girls played with balloons, stuffed puppies & had a good old fashioned game of fetch with their pretzel sticks. Eloise loved her new trike, but I think Harper loved it even more! ;) It was the most perfect day, beautiful weather & a seriously happy little two year old. Two months until we are celebrating Claire's first birthday, I definitely need to take a party throwing breather! Have a great week, friends!! XO

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Eve, Eloise Ruby!

Our little Eloise is turning TWO tomorrow, I can hardly believe it!! Time has gone by so much faster with each baby, and these back to back birthdays are truly a reminder that each of these precious days with our little girls are numbered.

Eloise has always been our wild girl, but that also makes all of her emotions extra big, including how she loves. From her very first smile, we always said she gives it all she's got, her whole face lights up. She runs with open arms into every hug, is the first to pucker up for a kiss & tells everyone she loves them "too much!" which just fits her so well. She tries our patience & pushes our buttons, but then turns on the charm & makes us forget all about it. She loves her sissies. She follows Harper's every move & wants to be just like her, but is always looking out for baby Claire & trying to take care of her. She is the little comedian in our house too, she always knows when she is being funny & will do anything to make us all laugh. She is both a mama's girl & a daddy's girl, wherever there is love to give, she is first in line.

I've bonded differently with each of our girls, and would probably say that I bonded the quickest & easiest with Eloise from the day she was born. She was the birth that I was least nervous for, I sorta felt like I knew what to expect the second time around so I was just ready right from the start to have that newborn baby girl in my arms. She is also the most like me, in both looks & personality, so on days that she is challenging, I can only blame myself! ;) This baby girl has stolen our hearts, day after day, and we can't believe she is turning two tomorrow!

Nothing will quite bring you to tears like scrolling back through pictures of your babies, if I go missing for the rest of the afternoon, it's because I have climbed inside Eloise's crib to nap with her.

Her birthday party is Sunday, but tomorrow we plan to spoil her with a fun breakfast, playing at the soccer field & surprising her with some new wheels! We got her this radio flyer trike to match Harper's so she can ride it when we go for walks, she is going to be so excited! ;) She has been singing happy birthday to herself all morning, and when I asked her what she wanted she told me she wanted a coffee & a puppy named bingo-bongo. And that really couldn't sum her up any better!
Eloise, words couldn't even come close to explaining how much we love you. The happiness & love you bring to our family is out of this world, we are so blessed to call you ours!
Happy Birthday Eve, weezy squeezy! :)